As of June 15 2021: With the easing of safety regulations in Santa Cruz County, Stagnaro Charters continues our commitment to community health and safety. We are now able to accommodate more passengers on our whale watching and fishing trips. Continuous sanitation of our boats and equipment takes place before, during and after each trip. All crew and staff have been vaccinated. Passengers that have been vaccinated do not have to wear masks in outdoor areas but may choose to do so. If you have not been vaccinated we ask that you wear a mask in consideration of others.

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Stagnaro Sport Fishing, Charters and Whale Watching Cruises, Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay, California (CA) Albacore caught on The NEW Velocity. Stagnaro Sport Fishing, Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay, California (CA) Stagnaro Fishing Trips, Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay, California - Salmon, Cod and Albacore, CA

The Monterey Bay offers a diversity of fish all year round. Our feature fishing trips are for sand dab, salmon, cod, and albacore. Details are further down on the page, so keep reading! Details on equipment rentals and prices can be found at the bottom of this page. Bait included in your fare.

Note: If you do not see a trip on a specific date you are looking for on our online ticketing page, please call us at 831-427-2334.
calFishandGame NOTICE: Purchase of required fishing licence can be time consuming. We recommend purchasing your licence in advance at our office, at a sporting goods store or online HERE.
NOTICE: The use of braided fishing line is not permitted on our vessels. Only Monofilament is allowed.

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Rockfish caught with Stagnaro Fishing Trips, Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay, California - Salmon, Cod and Albacore, CA

Santa Cruz Cod Fishing Trip (approx. 7 hours)

Spend a relaxing day on the beautiful Monterey Bay, fishing for Snapper or one of the many species of Cod that inhabit our local waters. This popular trip will surely yield plenty for the frying pan. Whether you're a beginner or an old pro, our courteous crews will make your day both fun and memorable.

Season: May through December
Kids Under 16...$60.00

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North Coast Deep Sea - Full Day

This 9 hour rockfish and ling cod trip will target mainly the North Coast reefs between the Davenport to Pigeon point areas. These longer coastal runs generally will yield more and larger fish on average. Stops along the way to catch live bait are also not uncommon . These trips will usually run from mid summer through September on select days.

Season: June through September
Kids Under 16...$75.00

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Santa Cruz Twilight Cod Fishing Trip
Our very popular late afternoon shorter version of our deep sea fishing trip.

Season: May through October
Kids Under 16...$42.95

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Santa Cruz Half Day Cod Fishing Trip
New! A shorter version of our deep sea fishing trip.

Season: April through December
Kids Under 16...$42.95

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*** Check-in and Return times for our Cod trips vary! Please check the schedule online or call us at 831.427.2334, to verify times. ***

Albacore caught with Stagnaro Fishing Trips, Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay, California - Salmon, Cod and Albacore, CA

Santa Cruz Albacore Fishing Trip
These fast swimming world wide touring fish sometimes come within reach of our boats in the fall months. If a good fight is what you're looking for, then Albacore fishing is for you!

Season: July through November
Contact us for information and prices on these trips!

Phone: (831) 427-2334

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Sand Dab FishingSanta Cruz Winter Sand Dab Fishing Trip

The fish that fishermen love to eat!

These small but tasty flat fish are known by locals as one of the best eating fish in the ocean.

Season: January through March 31
Kids Under 16...$42.95

Check-in time is  6 am, approx. return is 11 am.

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Salmon caught with Stagnaro Fishing Trips, Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay, California - Salmon, Cod and Albacore, CA

Santa Cruz Salmon Fishing Trip
Santa Cruz is one of the premier ports on our coast for venturing out in search of the highly prized chinook "King" Salmon. The season opens in spring and continues through late summer. And yes, beginners are always welcome!

Season: April to September
Kids Under 16...$60.00

Check-in is at 5:15 am, approx. return is at 2:00 pm.

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Rentals and Gear

Rod & Reel Rental....$15.00 / Half Day Cod, Twilight Trips & Sand Dab $13.00
Purchase Tackle Kit....$8.00
1 Day Fishing License....$17.54 (2022)
  • Expert fish cleaning available All prices include city taxes & harbor fees Gratuities for crew are not included in prices Prices subject to change. All trips weather permitting
  • Visa/MasterCard/American Express accepted

The Velocity is located on "F-Dock" in the lower Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor but all fishermen must check-in at office 45 minutes before trip at 1718 Brommer St.

For GPS assitance use 789 Mariner Park Way, Santa Cruz, CA



CALL 831-427-0230 or email us at info@stagnaros.com.

Santa Cruz, California Fishing Trips and Whale Watching Cruises, CA

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